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The resulting product of the gathering, evaluation, analysis, integration and interpretation of all available information that is immediately or potentially significant for planning and operations.


Conducting inquiries necessary to gather and provide information and evidence about behavior, private, economic, labor events, commercial, financial, personal, family or social life aspects.


Set of active, passive, corrective, preventive and reactive defense operations to ensure the proper use of the cyberspace and deny its access to enemy forces or other opposition intelligences.

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Social movements and violent activists called via Internet and social networks various protests against our client and its sector.

Thousands of people gathered to invade one of the facilities, sharing "the event" through the Internet, instant messaging and social networks.

We prevent the attack thanks our intelligence ASINT 360° service and preventive social security. Responsible users, the official announcement and the site involved were identified and a deep study of their patterns of behavior was performed

Radical groups (Energy sector)

A major service to an important company operating at international level was conducted, backgrounds and connections of its CEO were investigated and analyzed, he was suspected he had participated in a series of irregular operations resulted in significant expenses.

ASINT 360°’s work confirmed that the CEO maintained connections and links with various competition companies that were beneficiaries of the irregular operations. Currently we are helping them both proactively (Intelligence) and defensively (cyber defense) way.

Employment Screening (Telecommunications sector)

Our customer did a workforce adjustment plan to restructure its business. The company wanted to keep track of the situation to minimize risks and reduce uncertainty in the decision making process.

Our intelligence service made a permanent and preventive security surveillance of the whole process investigating the activities of the major players in the negotiations.

The comprehensive service offered by ASINT 360° unveiled new strategic possibilities for the client based in combined possibilities to lobbying the negotiations.

Firing. Workforce adjustment plan (Consumer sector)

A renowned textile company requested our services. This company realized there were people selling rip-off copies of their new products on the Internet in various physical branches on different countries, compromising their reputation, causing economic losses, negative comments and customer dissatisfaction.

Online hotspots, physical properties, factories, unauthorized sale points, responsible individuals and legal entities were localized. We helped to minimize the reputational risk and completely dismantle the related networks

Intellectual property (Retail sector)

We have neutralized and detected a cyber attack to our customer 7 days before it took place. Our intelligence service performs a collection, evaluation, analysis, integration and interpretation of all available information about our customers.

We detected the development and the attack type by analyzing the group’s motivation and capacities and identifying liable people. All information and valid evidence was brought to the State’s Security Forces attention that proceeded to arrest them.

Cybercrime (Banking sector)

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