(ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° is an independent services professional firm of intelligence, private investigations and Cyber defense, specialized in research, comprehensive risk management and 360° corporate integrity.

We offer aimed solutions to create a true culture of intelligence in organizations from an integral point of view, including people and all its actives.

ASINT 360°’s founders are the recognized creators of the professional intelligence sector in Spain and the business research sector in Europe. Over the past 10 years, ASINT 360°’s team has become a benchmark in the industry, earned a solid reputation not only because of the excellence of its services, research, analysis and advices, but also for the independence and the uncertainty reduction their research provides.

  • Our multidisciplinary teams are composed by qualified detectives, external auditors, internal auditors, computer technicians, analysts and members of intelligence and state security forces on leave, former prosecutors and lawyers, former comptrollers and managers, investigative journalists, technology experts, financial professionals, forensic accountants, academics and experts in analysis and 360° research.
  • In this context our staff has the required permits and extensive experience testifying as expert witnesses in courts and answering questions from the parties involved, they have been participating for years in all kinds of forums and courts both nationally and internationally.
  • (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° is known for its strategic, tactical and operational usage of technology. We employ sophisticated tools for Big Data, Data Science, Visual Analytics, computer forensic analysis, advanced obtaining and searching techniques on the Deep Web and analyzing large volumes of data. Thanks to our knowledge, (ASINT 360) – All Sources Intelligence 360 get extraordinary and exclusive results for their clients.
  • (ASINT 360) – All Sources Intelligence 360° is also known for its extensive network of experts in more than 120 countries. These strategic relationships with sources and influencers in which we rely are carefully cultivated over the past 10 years.
  • Besides of helping its customers to address complex problems and situations, (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° also helps them in the comprehensive risk management field whether they are financial, regulatory, reputational, computational, or related to an investment, an acquisition or new market entry – obtaining intelligence to help to reduce uncertainty in the process of making critical decisions.

Headquartered in Madrid, with offices in 5 continents and in more than 120 countries (ASINT 360°)

– All Sources Intelligence 360° provides consultation and services to companies, public administration and high net worth individuals, carrying out complex investigations; intelligence analysis; business intelligence; investigative due diligence; prevention of money laundering and regulatory compliance; integrity and compliance monitoring; data analysis and visualization; guidance to the Board of Directors, cyber security, cyber intelligence and cyber defense.

– (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° is one of the few professional firms organized by lines of business. This approach allows (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° to gain a deep understanding of each sector, to provide our customers, “Intelligence,” an important perspective on issues that affect them.

Among our regular clients there are financial institutions, law firms, hedge funds and venture firms, there are customers and individuals seeking to recover assets capital, as well as public institutions and leading companies from various sectors like those from the energy, industry, services, telecommunications, public, banking, insurance, transport, real estate, construction, technology and education sectors.

The multidisciplinary structure and sector organization of our equipment allows us to offer a specialized perspective and a set of intelligence, private investigations and Cyber defense services that suit the specific needs of each client. We collaborate with a global network of the most renowned national and international experts, allowing an exchange of ideas and constant know-how updating.

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