Last actualization, 22 February of 2016


ASINT 360º is committing to protect the reliability and the privacy of the information trusted to the firm. In the marc of this fundamental obligation, ASINT 360º is commit to protect and use in a properly way the personal information (in occasions called “information of personal identification” or “IIP”) compiled through its web sites.


Our general intention is collect only the personal information that those persons that visit our web sites proportionate voluntary to offer information and/or services or provide to them information about work opportunities. Read carefully the present Online Privacy Politic (onwards, “Online Privacy Politic” or “Privacy Politic”) to obtain more information about how we recollect, use, share, and protect the information of personal identification (onwards, IIP) that we obtain.


Compilation and Utilization of IIP


Only we will obtain the personal information that you decide proportionate- for example, at the moment of put in contact with us through email or sign up to obtain determinate services. In some cases, it is possible that previously have proportionate its IIP to ASINT 360º (for example, if is a former employ). At the moment of sign up or include its personal information in our web sites, accept besides the utilization of such personal information in concordance with the present Privacy Politic.


Its personal information will not be used for other reasons, unless that we obtain its express authorization or if the law or the professional norms allow or require the compilation of such information. For example, is send us an email asking information about ASINT 360º, we will use its email address or other information that have been proportionate to answer its request. If you send us a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to opt online for a job in ASINT 360º, we will use the information that is proportionate to us to comparer its CV with the opportunities of available jobs in ASINT 360º.


ASINT 360º generally recollects only the necessary personal information to be able of do the request of the user. When be of additional and optional information, it would be notified in the moment of recollect the information.


ASINT 360º only recollect personal information “sensitive” when corresponding people proportionate such information in a voluntary way or when the law or the professional norms allow or require the recollect of such information. The sensitive information include personal information related to race, ethnic origin, political opinions, pertinence to syndicates, religious believes and similar, physic or mental health, sexual life or criminal record.


To proportionate sensitive information to ASINT 360º it must use its own critter and under any circumstances provide this type of information to ASINT 360º unless you have authorized to ASINT 360º the se of such information in its professional activity and you are agree with the transference and storage of such information to the data bases of ASINT 360º . if you wish more information about if proportionate sensitive information to ASINT 360º is, or can be, necessary or properly to specifics goals, put in contact with ASINT 360º thorough the address that is indicate ahead.


Automatic compilation of IIP


In some cases, ASINT 360º automatically recollect certain type of information at the moment of visit our web sites or through the email that we Exchange. It is possible that the automated technologies include the registers use of the web server to recollect information about address, IP, cookies, and web beacons. The compilation of this information will serve us to obtain a bigger understanding and to be able of improve the performance, the utilization capacity and the affectivity of the web sites of ASINT 360º, as to value the electivity of our marketing activities.


IP Directions


An IP direction is a number that is assigned to its computer at the moment of access to internet and that allows the recognition and the communication between differents computers and servers. It is possible that the IP address that use the users remaining registered for security effects IT and diagnosis of the system. Besides, also it is possible that this information is used in an added way to do an analysis of the performance and of the trends of the web site.




A Cookie it is an small fragment of information that a web site stores in the Cookies file of its browser and that allows that the site remember the user. The Cookies cannot used to execute programs or introduce virus in your computer. ASINT 360º only uses Cookies in concordance with the applicable legislation.

The Cookies by it self do not proportionate to us your email address or identify personally who you are. If you visit a web site of ASINT 360º, we will use the Cookies to recollect added statistics data that help us to determinate which are the prefer areas by the users.


If later is signed up in a web site of ASINT 360º, it is possible that the information is linked to one Cookie only with the objective to improve and personalized your online experience (given you the welcome when comeback to visit the site or providing access to your register information).


You can opt for accept the Cookies utilization or no. You can configures its browser to this let you know when you receive a Cookie to reject the Cookies. However, you must know that if you do not accept the Cookies, it is possible that cannot use all the characteristics and aspects of our web site.


Web beacons


A web beacons is a small file of image include in an web page that can used to recollect certain information of your computer, as the IP address, the access hour, the content that you have visited, the type of browser and he existence of Cookies previously stored by the same server. ASINT 360º use only web beacons in concordance with the applicable legislation.


It is possible that ASINT 360º or its services providers use web beacons to do a following of the electivity of the web sites of third that give us recruitment services or marketing, or to recollect data about statistics of total users and manage the Cookies.


You have the option of eliminate some web beacons unusable rejecting your associated Cookies. It is possible that the web beacon continues registering an anonymous visit from your IP address but not will be register information in form of cookie.


In some of our information bulletin and others communications, it is possible that confirm the email address of the receptor through the links included within the messages. We recollect this information to value the interest of he user to improve the future experience of the same.


Share and transfer IIP


We do not share the personal information with third no affiliates to the firm, unless that be necessary according our legitimate professional and commercial needs, to be able of take of your request and/or when the law or the professional norms allow it or require.


In some cases, it is possible that ASINT 360ºshare IIP about you with companies, services providers or extern sellers that work in our name but only to be able of satisfy your request.

Besides, it is possible that ASINT 360º transfer certain IIP to others geographic frontiers and others ASINT 360ºmember firms or extern companies that work with us or in our name. Also it is possible that ASINT 360º stores IIP in the web sites of ASINT 360º, the users accept this transference and/or storage of its data in other territories.

It is possible also that ASINT 360º release IIP relative to the sell, cession and other transference of the site activity that make reference to the data, to be able of answer the requests of the govern or publics agencies or when is about a requirement of the applicable legislations, judicial resolutions or govern regulations. It is possible that this information be necessary also to effectuate security audits or data privacy and/or to investigate or answer a complain or a threat to security. ASINT 360º does not sell to third. Besides, ASINT 360º will not transfer IIP that you proportionate to us to third to they used with own goals commercials.




ASINT 360º understand the important of protect the children’s privacy, especially in an online environment. For that, our sites are not design or directed to children less than 13 years. It is company politic do not recollect o maintain information in a conscientious way of persons less than 13 years, unless that form part of a professional service benefit job.




Dispose of several relative options to the use of our sites. In general, you are not obligated to proportionate information IIP when visit our web sites, but it is possible that ASINT 360º required proportionate certain information IIP in this way you can receive additional information about our services and clients. It is possible besides that determinate web sites request your authorization for particular uses of your IIP, in such case, you will be able of accept or reject such uses. If you is sign up to receive communications or particular services, as an electronic bulletin, will be able of out in any moment following the included instructions in every communication. If opt for out f the service or communication, we will try of eliminate your information immediately, although it is possible that we will need additional information before of being able to process your request to get out.


As have been mentioned previously, if you do not want the Cookies do a following of your browser, can reconfigure your browser and reject all the Cookies or know when is going to send a Cookie. However, you must have in count that is possible that determinate areas of our site do not work correctly due to such reject of Cookies.




If you have proportionate personal information to ASINT 360º, in most of the circumstances dispose of the right to access to the data to correct any inexactitude. Besides, will be able of request, actualize or eliminate the information about you through the following email address We will carry out all the practical and reasonable effort to do your request always that be coherent with applicable legislation and professional norms.


Data security and integrity


ASINT 360º disposes of processes and reasonable security politics to protect the personal information in front to lost, illegal use, modifications or eliminations no authorized. However, it is possible that despite all the ASINT 360º effort cannot guarantee totally the security against all the thread. In the measure of our capacity, we will do the possible to guarantee that the access to your personal information is limit to those persons that need know such information and besides such persons being obligated to maintain the reliability of such information. Besides, we will do all the reasonable effort to conserve the personal information only while be necessary to satisfy with a request of a person or only to such person request that the information be eliminated.



Links to other sites


You must have in count that the web sites of ASINT 360º can include links to other sites, included the sites of other member firms or contributors of ASINT 360º that not being ruled by the Privacy Politic, but others privacy politics that could be differents. We urge to the users to check the privacy politic of each web site that visit before reveal any type of personal information.


Changes on the present Politic


It is possible that ASINT 360º modify the present Privacy Politic in a specific moment to reflect our current practices in turn to the privacy. When we will do changes on the present politic, we will modify the present current date in the superior part of this page. We urge to check periodically the present Privacy Politic to know how protect ASINT 360º your information.


Compliance and doubts about the policy


Compliance and doubts about the policy it is commit to protect the online privacy of your personal information. If you have any question or opinion about manage of your information of personal identification, put in contact with us in the following address: Besides, also you can use such address to communicate to us any doubt that can emerge about our Online Privacy Politic.