The exclusive ASINT 360° – 360° All Sources Intelligence Cycle

ASINT 360° cycle is a sequence in which multi-source information is obtained, transformed into intelligence and released to its users. (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° Cycle consists of five phases: Management, Obtention, Elaboration, dissemination and feedback.


During the management phase intelligence requirements are determined, a plan for obtaining them is prepared, the means are organized and commanded, and the coordination and control of all of them is made.

In this phase are particularly relevant the so-called executive functions, which are: planning, organization, motivation, control, coordination and control, keeping the last four throughout the development of the entire cycle.


In this phase the information sources are used by the obtention organs and delivered to the corresponding elaboration team to produce intelligence.


The development is the phase of the (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° cycle in which the transformation of information into intelligence occurs when subjected to an appropriate process, by assessing the relevance, timeliness, reliability and accuracy of news and information received over each of the activities followed by the analysis of the same and the available intelligence integration and interpretation of the assembly. This phase is divided into four sub-phases:


• Assessment.
• Analysis.
• Integration.
• Interpretation.


It is the phase in which the safe and timely distribution of the intelligence is performed in proper manner by the corresponding means to those who need it. The diffusion is the final phase of the (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° cycle.


One aspect of great importance for the (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° cycle is to determine the level the information provided addresses the needs of the decision-making processes, or in case the people who the information was given need to refine or expand the information about a particular topic. Consequentially this initiates planning activities and to start again the first phase of the intelligence cycle.


This process is not only performed at the end of the intelligence cycle, but it is also developed in each process, in order to create room to timely identify more knowledge needs, achieve better results and impact and promote the continuous improvement of the processes.


(ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° is one of the few professional firms organized by lines of business.
This approach allows (ASINT 360°) – All Sources Intelligence 360° to gain a deep understanding of each sector, to provide our customers, “Intelligence,” an important perspective on issues that affect them.

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