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Professional development

ASINT 360° strives to make every working day is added to your professional growth. Working with us will allow you to share projects and experience with the best professionals in different areas and to develop your career by the hands of the best specialists in intelligence, professionally and personally enriching you. Our work teams are made up of experts in various disciplines able to help you in your training process.

National Mobility

Multidisciplinariness, high-sector specialization, of the firm allows professionals applying for a change of city or group based on personal and professional preferences.

International mobility

ASINT 360°’s presence in more than 120 countries, allows professionals of the firm applying for an international transfer to another ASINT 360° office abroad.

Continius Training

Every professional who joins ASINT 360 has a specific career plan and training plan designed to meet his objectives and those of the firm.

Career Plan

A career in the firm is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle, where the motivation to protect common interest prevails over personal aspirations of its members, for whom quality satisfaction and accomplishment is their main stimulus.

The dynamism basis of ASINT 360° is the team of professionals who are part of the organization, individuals who regardless of their varied backgrounds and training have as common feature the strive for a well done job and its quality.

In the forefront of the Intelligence Professional Services

Loyalty, discretion and spirit of sacrifice are qualities required to all its members; those qualities represent the complex reality of our customers from the personal point of view a diverse composition is being sought.

In return, ASINT 360° gives you the opportunity to be in the forefront of private intelligence, helping to shape the future of our customers in an innovative environment that values and promotes the contribution that the individual can perform on a work team. If you care about the future and the International Community, if the intelligence and security motivates you, if you feel interest to meet other realities and interact in other cultural areas, if you value the sense of belonging to an organization, ASINT 360° is the institution able to target your aspirations and offer you a professional future.

If you meet these requirements and you are interested in introducing your resume in our candidates database; a team of experts will examine and contact you if you fit any of our jobs, giving you the necessary information about it and the selection process you have to overcome.

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