Introduction to Social Media Intelligence

Introduction to Social Media Intelligence

The social media intelligence, also known as our service SOCMINT ©, it is a new kind of intelligence referred to the social network and social media of digital platform communication and the data that they generate, which requires several techniques of intelligence analysis. Contribute to the public and private security through of activities identification of early alert about disorders and threats, or the construction of situational knowledge in. Its use must have present the distinction between an intrusive approach, based in open sources (OSINT), and other intrusive or (NOSINT).

SOCMINT © : implies the data obtaining in the context

Source: Mikel Rufián Albarrán – SOCMINT © Specialist.Instructor.

In the private scope it is a resource that the organizations use to implement actions based in the behavior and formation that is obtain through social media. With the goal that the processes that are execute be effective, the Social Media Intelligence normally is divided in four specific steps:


  • Social Listening
  • Data Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Distribution

These are the four fundamental pillars that all activity of SOCMINT must include to reach the desire results. Coming up we are going to discuss each one a little bit more in detail:


SOCMINT © : Social Listening

This first stage consists in put attention to what social users communicate about a brand, person, image, products or services. Besides, this part also includes the observation and behavior respect the topic or niches in particular, the identification of worries that express the potentials clients and the analysis of competitors of a company.

However, the Social Listening or Social Media Listening not only is limited to social networks as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube, but the person that carry this process also must track blogs, forums, news, videos, and others sites, apps or social platforms in which find value information, with the use of tools that make it easy or the in a manual way.


SOCMINT © : Data Management

The second step is based in the organization and segmentation of the obtained data during the first stage. Between others things, it is important indicate the number of commentaries in a specific publication, the quantity of “like” or the time that has been shared, the visualizations, the geographic place, the age, and the users genre participants, the hour, date, type of page (as a social red, forum, or any other platform) and most important all the feeling that express the client or objective user profile respect to the interest topic.

Recollect all this information in an order way will make that be more easy check all the necessary data and have it in count at the time of provide the most appropriated and successful solution.


SOCMINT © : Advanced Analytics

Let’s not forget that the all data that is obtained, not all is important. The social media is full of content and automation structures, so all what it seen not is useful. The advanced analytic objective is identifying the information that really worth it and throws out the information that not provides interest data.

For that, it cab use complex programming methods, human and natural language identification, the level than user in particular can have (influence), etc.


SOCMINT © : Distribution

For last, it is crucial that since all the extracted data in the context is establish of what way it can approach the conclusions to carry out the organization objectives and the most benefit strategy. For that, it should elaborate a notification, inform or answer that establish an execution based in the studio of Social Media Intelligence that have been realized.

Every organization has its own conditions and variables, but if there some that all have in common, is that depend of the needs and desires of the Citizens/Clients/Users. Therefore, the Social Media Intelligence is key piece that can determinate the success of every organization.